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    Heart of the Matter series on Manipulation

    Heart of the Matter series on Manipulation

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    Book & Audio series - Perhaps a friend is continually tugging at your emotions, or your circumstances are being jerked about by a domineering spouse or boss. Whatever the case, you are the puppet because someone else is exercising the kind of control over your life that should be reserved for God alone. His divine direction is much different ... couched in love, gentleness ... and always aimed toward your best interest. Fear of rejection can fuel a relationship characterized by manipulation and can weaken the faith that pleases God. It's time ... to sever the strings of control. Discover why you may be prone to manipulation and learn how to break free.And for those who manipulate ... learn how to let go of those strings and find your need for love, for security, and for significance met in God, the true Need-Meeter.

    Offering biblical hope and practical help for some of life's most pressing issues, this Heart of the Matter series is an ideal resource for pastors, teachers, counselors, chaplains and laypeople. This topic is designed to offer practical help for you and for other people struggling with the issues of life.

    6 Companion audio CDs
    1 Minibook on the same topic
    10 Scripture memory cards with holder

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