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    Hope for the Heart
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    Hope For Your Heart

    Hope For Your Heart

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    Hope is one of the prominent themes of the Bible. Despite Scripture's teaching on the subject, however, the true, biblical meaning of hope is often misunderstood or reduced to mere sentimentalism.

    Hope is much more than a vague emotion - it has the power to change lives.

    Those experiencing brokenness and hurt will find encouragement and healing as they encounter the hope of the Bible. Written from a counselor's heart, this book will also benefit pastors and others engaged in counseling ministry.

    Hope for Your Heart helps readers realize that Jesus can anchor their lives during any storm. Using nautical terms to divide the book's chapters, she invites readers to let hope recast every aspect of life:

    • Hope Is the Ultimate Life Preserver: When someone is in the depths of despair, struggling with the will to live, what do strugglers need most? They not only need truth, but also need hope the hope that God's truth will work for them. True hope saves lives!
    • Hope Is an Anchor in Every Storm: Ships at sea cannot survive severe storms without the use of anchors. And you will not survive the storms of life if you are anchorless. But with Jesus as your anchor, you not only have peace, you also know your pain is not pointless.
    • Hope Invites Us to Follow the Captain: When people let us down, or we see trust abused, we tend to hold back even when it comes to trusting God. We can have a jaded perception of what the Lord is really like. But hope invites us to trust Christ to be "Need-Meeter," as the Captain of our lives.
    • Hope Allows God's Word to Navigate Us: When you are searching for hope, look no further than the map of God's Word. The Bible's unfailing promises and inspiration empower you to live an anchored life. Without His map, you not only lose your way in life, but also lose something vital along the way: hope.

    Paperback 224 pages.


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