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    Biblical Counseling Keys on Depression

    Biblical Counseling Keys on Depression

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    Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Do you see no light at the end of the tunnel? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? The answer is Yes-you can exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope! You can avoid letting your mind become overshadowed with depression-you can choose practical actions now to help alleviate depression-you can choose to rely on God's promises and walk in the light of His truth. As you see your problems from God's point of view and fix your eyes on Him, you will walk in the light again.

    Format: 8.5x11, 19 pages.

    Resource highlights ...

        • What are physical, emotional and spiritual causes of depression?
        • What is the root cause of staying stuck in depression?
        • What is God's purpose for permitting depression?
        • How can family and friends give real help?

    Includes ...

        • Characteristics of Depression
        • Depression and the Whole Person
        • God's Purpose for Permitted Depression
        • A Positive Perspective on Depression

    An ideal resource for ...

        • Seekers of the truth
        • Personal or group Bible studies
        • Counselors and people-helpers
        • Pastors, teachers, and other leaders

      Our Biblical Counseling Keys are often used as a tool to help people breach spiritual barriers on their way to freedom in Christ. Each of the Keys presents God's heart on the problem and reveals ways to walk in spiritual victory in a simple, easy-to-read outline format.

      Format: 8.5x11, 41 pages.


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