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    Biblical Counseling Keys on Success Through Failure

    Biblical Counseling Keys on Success Through Failure

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    Feel like you've "blown it" one too many times and that God has "benched" you from further service? Don't groan ... grow in the goodness of God's grace and the understanding that failing doesn't make you a "failure." God has a plan and a purpose in the midst of life's disappointments. His ultimate goal is to develop the character of Christ within us. Learn how to find the "good" in failure: the development of perseverance, humility, and greater dependence on the Lord. Find great hope in the abounding faithfulness of God.

    Format: 8.5x11, 15 pages.

    Resource highlights ...

    • The difference between destructive failure and productive failure
    • How faulty thinking can lead to failure
    • The relationship between pride and failure
    • How to transform failures into successes
    • How to respond in a healthy way to those who "fail" you

    Includes ...

    • Recognize "failing" doesn't make you a "failure"
    • Understand that God's faithfulness more than compensates for our failures
    • Find hope in the midst of failure as humility, perseverance, and greater dependence on the Lord are developed
    • Respond in a healthy way to those who "fail" you

    An ideal resource for ...

    • Seekers of the truth
    • Personal or group Bible studies
    • Counselors and people-helpers
    • Pastors, teachers, and other leaders

    Our Biblical Counseling Keys are often used as a tool to help people breach spiritual barriers on their way to freedom in Christ. Each of the Keys presents God's heart on the problem and reveals ways to walk in spiritual victory in a simple, easy-to-read outline format.

    Format: 8.5x11, 26 pages.


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