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    Biblical Counseling Keys on Violence

    Biblical Counseling Keys on Violence

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    At the heart of violence is an intense desire to destroy someone or something. The power of such a destructive desire propels violent people to commit unthinkable acts to inflict harm. All limitations are lifted as full vent is given to pulsating rage. This unleased violence leaves an aftermath of ravaged relationships and shattered lives. Violence always starts with a hardened heart and a devious plot.

    Have you ever wondered?

    • How do those who are violent justify their violence?
    • What do all violent or abusive people have in common … and what would cause them to change?
    • How can those who feel powerless find their voice to say, “No more!”

    An ideal resource for ...
    • Seekers of the truth
    • Personal or group Bible studies
    • Counselors and people-helpers
    • Pastors, teachers, and other leaders

    Our Biblical Counseling Keys are often used as a tool to help people break through spiritual barriers on their way to freedom in Christ. Each of the Keys presents God's heart on the problem and reveals ways to walk in spiritual victory in a simple, easy-to-read outline format.

    Format: 8.5x11, 14 pages.

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