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    Abortion Recovery Training Manual - Peer Counselor's Manual

    Abortion Recovery Training Manual - Peer Counselor's Manual

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    Every Wounded Heart Can Find God’s Forgiveness, Healingand Hope.

    Guilt and sorrow from past abortions hold many women and menemotionally and spiritually captive, creating struggles with toxic emotionssuch as depression, fear, anger, grief and anxiety.

    Abortion Recovery Ministry Manuals will equip you tominister to women and men who have been affected by abortion in helping themdiscover God’s forgiveness and healing.

    The Peer Counselor’s Manual (a companion to the Trainer’sManual) is designed for those who will be attending a workshop orconference.

    Peer Counselor’s Manual includes:fill-in-the-blank worksheets to complete as you follow the trainer CD with forms that can be customized for your ministry’s use suggestions to help you as you begin your ministry ministry resource index for easy reference after training

    Format: Unbound pages in a 3-ring binders for easy use in classroom or one-on-one setting.

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