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    Hope for the Heart
    P.O. Box 7
    Dallas, TX 75221

    How can you share encouragement and support during times of hurt and fear?

    For the price of a greeting card, you can send hope and healing to those who need to hear encouragement from God's word.

    Hope For The Heart and Aspire Press have partnered to create a new line of Minibooks that present biblical hope and practical help in an easy-to-read, compassionate format.

    These affordable booklets are perfect for sharing with a loved one, or they can be shared through a group display at your church, school or office. Passionate in their approach and rich with Scripture, each Minibook is filled with practical advice and biblical counsel for you and is perfect for helping you to help others face some of the most common issues found in our homes, communities and churches today – covering everything from grief and fear to success and guilt.

    Get the complete set of 42 Aspire Minibooks — SAVE $37.59 off retail price!

    Learn more.

    Aspire Minibook RackGet the Aspire Minibook Rack
    for your organization or church library.

    Truth at your fingertips! Prepare your church family to challenge our world and overcome personal obstacles by digging deeper in their biblical knowledge on relevant issues. This handsome, space-saving spinner rack comes fully stocked with over 200 attractive and compelling 96-page books to equip individuals and small groups to share the hope of Christ within their own circles of influence.

    200 books and includes the spinner rack for
    Only $699 – Includes Shipping.

    Perfect For:
    - Small Group Studies and Discipleship
    - Life Coaching and Personal Growth
    - Pastoral Care and Visitation

    Call 1-800-488-4673 to place your order today.

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