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    Quick Reference GuidesOur Biblical Counseling Quick Reference Guides offer counselors, ministry leaders and other caring people biblical hope and practical help for 100 of life's toughest issues. These Quick Reference Guides provide scriptural insight and real solutions ... fast!

    Did you know …

    Each topic is available in packs of 25. Each Reference Guide is a brochure and measures 2.5 x 8 inches when folded. Also consider purchasing an acrylic display that holds 12 packs of Quick Reference Guides. (For more information, see the product: Quick Reference Guides acrylic stand display.)

    Looking for a this product styled just for the man or woman in your life?

    You might be interested in the Trail Guide: For the Christian Man’s Journey, a resource which contains 40 topics for men, selected from the current Biblical Counseling Library Quick Reference Guides. Designed to offer real answers, a regular guy can feel comfortable using this resource in a mentoring relationship or just sharing help and hope with others.


    Biblical Counseling Quick Reference Guides:
    100 topics available

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